We are open! Warmly celebrate the grand opening of Mr. Huolang's Aegean Shopping Park store in Jiangjin District, Chongqing
Source:Mr. Merchant Release time:2022-07-18 Category:Franchisee sharing


On June 25, "Mr. Merchant's Goods Collection"----Aegean Shopping Park store in Jiangjin District, Chongqing ushered in its grand opening.


7Since Mr. Hulang set the "Three-Year Thousand Stores" plan in 2020, the number of new stores opened every month has continued to increase. "Mr. Hulang", with the brand proposition of "selecting the best products in the world and creating a pleasant life", according to the domestic daily department store Consumer demand has formed a system of department stores that just need households, and penetrated into the consumer psychology of consumers of all ages. As a result, wherever Mr. Merchant’s store opens, there will be a boom in offline store consumption.


3No matter where Mr. Huolang opens, what remains unchanged is "Mr. Huolang"'s building of brand strength and efficient supply chain, taking quality life as the core value of the brand, integrating creative products and fashion culture, and creating a new one-stop shop Life shopping mall allows consumers to enter the store not only to buy products, but also to enjoy a happy shopping experience in a busy life.


The establishment of Mr. Huolang's store has continuously brought shopping crowds to the major commercial real estate brands that have strategically cooperated. The combination of crowds and good products has continuously stimulated consumers' enthusiasm for consumption. Win-win.

Tens of thousands of products meet the various shopping needs of consumers, breaking the traditional retail model. Thousands of high-quality factories carefully select high-quality and good products, reduce intermediate circulation links, and specialize in Mr. Lang's stores to ensure product quality and affordable prices.


shouldering the important task of "building a leading brand in the department store retail industry", "Mr. Merchant" has been growing and innovating; "growth" is full of the sweat of the whole family, "innovation" is the innate gene of Mr. Merchant's brand; going to the world is our A common vision, Mr. Merchant is willing to join hands with people of insight to develop a new future for department store retailing.