The October manager training will be successfully concluded
Source:Mr. Merchant Release time:2022-10-27 Category:Mr. Merchant News


On October 25, "Mr Tis October manager training" conclusion, from all over the country in dozens of manager gathered to accept Mr Tis headquarters business school elaborate the basic knowledge, including commodity commodity structure optimization, stores management innovation, stores goods operational aspects of the comprehensive training courses, to build some stores, Effectively promote the development of store sales, the promotion of brand influence and the upgrade of service quality, and lay a solid foundation.




Mr. Zhou Jianqiao, chairman of the board, attended the store manager training meeting together. He explained the brand positioning, store management, commodity management and other aspects, and shared the experience of operation and management for many years. He led the store managers from all over the country to explore the way of store management together!

The training will last for two days. The lecturers from Mr. Lang Business School and the heads of relevant departments will explain the skills of store marketing and commodity management to the store managers, so as to improve the marketing ability of front-line employees. Yang Haijiao, the manager of the commodity management center, for the store managers to tell the goods management knowledge of Mr. Lang, the operation logic of Mr. Lang analysis; By retail operations center assistant director jun-wei wang combined with data stores commodities, commodity structure optimization management to explain for everybody, at the same time, raise the overall management of goods and to the manager of the systematic analysis of the answer, and organized a topic to discuss in groups, in actual stores, for example, commodity overall optimization.





After the explanation of each topic, time will be set aside for the store managers to communicate, and then the lecturers will explain and absorb the analysis and solution after the experience of excellent store cases, forming a practical and effective experience summary, which is also the wisdom crystallization of Mr. Lang's summary over the years.





Through this training exchange meeting, we will strengthen the communication between the headquarters and stores in various regions, exchange advanced work experience and working methods, jointly improve the operation and sales ability of stores, and accelerate the progress of the "Mr. Salesman" family!