Warmly welcome Qi Wenbo, Assistant President of Aegean Group, and the Zhejiang team to visit and investigate
Source:Mr. Merchant Release time:2022-11-11 Category:Mr. Merchant News

9On November 9th, Qi Wenbo, the assistant president of Aegean Group, and the Zhejiang team were invited to visit Mr. Zhulang, and Mr. Zhou Jianqiao, the chairman of Mr. Zhulang, took a tour of Mr. Zhulang's exhibition hall and live teaching and research training base.


During the visit, Mr. Zhou Jianqiao introduced the development of Mr. Cargo to Mr. Qi and his party from various aspects. Mr. Cargo's mission of "selecting the best goods from all over the world, creating an excellent and pleasant life", and the business philosophy of "customer first, service first" run through every link of the company's operation, and have established a good reputation among customers. In the next stage, Mr. Cargo will continue to work hard. Further expand the scale of the company.


Qi expressed his amazement at Mr. Yellang's online operation mode, and agreed with Mr. Yellang's ideas on the role and views of the Internet in the current market. Mr. Zhou Jianqiao said. With the rapid development of the Internet market, we should constantly adjust the traditional offline business model to meet the market demand by combining online and offline models. More importantly, we should view the Internet business model from the strategic perspective of the Internet, keep pace with the development of emerging markets, make good use of the Internet tools, participate in and take advantage of the trend.



The whole visit and communication process was very harmonious, Mr. Qi and his delegation showed great interest in Mr. Freight Lang. During the communication, both sides also found that Aegean Group and Mr. Freight Lang had many similarities in terms of their views on market development, understanding of products and emphasis on services, which also laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two sides.


Mr. Qi said that he benefited a lot from the visit and hoped that Aegean Group could establish a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with Mr. Zhulang after the visit. He also had in-depth exchanges with Mr. Zhou Jianqiao and relevant personnel on the specific content of the project cooperation. He hoped to give full play to their respective advantages and achieve deep cooperation and common development in the future.