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Source:Mr. Merchant Release time:2023-02-06 Category:Mr. Merchant News



The gorgeous fireworks of the festival still seem to be in front of us. The new journey has been started, waving goodbye to the year full of harvest, and the year full of vitality is coming in spring.

January 29, 2023, the eighth day of the first month, is the first day of work after the holiday of all employees of Mr. Freight Lang. After a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holiday, I believe everyone will be more enthusiastic into the work, in order to achieve the goals of the New Year, concerted efforts, courageously forward!



In the past year, it was an unusual year in the development course of Mr. Freight Lang. Facing the severe reality of the epidemic, the whole team of Mr. Freight Lang worked hard to overcome the difficulties, moved forward in coping with the challenges, advanced in overcoming the difficulties, and developed in resolving the crisis. The team building was effective, the operation and management were continuously deepened, the enterprise culture, professional training and other aspects were constantly optimized, and the development was achieved. Since the Spring Festival holiday, the stores around the country have achieved fruitful results in business, and the momentum of future development is strong. The whole people of Mr. Grover are showing strong development, harmonious and stable overall situation with the team. The confidence index of the team is constantly improving, which lays a good start for the future development of Mr. Grover.



At the meeting, the chairman of the board of directors, the general manager of the supply chain and other leaders took the stage to send New Year wishes and New Year messages to all the employees. They also emphasized that when making various work plans for the New Year and striving to complete various goals and tasks, they should also promote the overall work to a higher level, and strengthen their own theoretical knowledge learning and exchange, so as to lay a good foundation for the future development of the team and individuals. With more enthusiasm, more solid style, more effective execution, wholeheartedly into the work, for the completion of the New Year's work to make a good start, a good step!



The New Year has opened, we should tidy up the mood, full of confidence, in fine spirit and full state into the work and career struggle. 2023 will be a key year for economic recovery, and will be another year of transition for the development of Mr. Grocer. Under the leadership of various departments of Mr. Freight Lang, seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity, and strive to push forward the development of Mr. Freight Lang!

Looking forward to the future, there is a long way to go, and we are full of confidence. On the journey of realizing "new starting point, new goal and new development", Mr. Cargo Man will open up a brighter future with high morale and conviction!