Us open | celebrated Mr Tis Russian city of nakhodka store grand opening!!!!!!
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6On February 18, 2023 (Beijing time), the second store of "Mr. Grover's Collection of good Things" in Russia -- Mr. Grover's Nakhodka Store was officially opened, which means that Mr. Grover's intention and determination to push home and department store retail industry to the world. Also for the next step in the Russian area popular home life concept, depth expansion of the Russian market has laid a good foundation.

Since the establishment of the overseas business Division, Mr. Shilang has been actively following the trend of The Times. By adhering to the guiding ideology of "coming out", he has promoted the globalization development goal of home and department store retail and fully expanded the overseas market. The opening of the store in Nakhodka City further promotes the popularity of the concept of home life of Mr. Grover in Russia. Besides helping the development of the Russian market to achieve a breakthrough, it will accelerate the realization of the process of global integration of Mr. Grover. With the mission of "selecting good goods from all over the world and creating an excellent and pleasant life", Mr. Grover will continue to benefit overseas consumers. Helping "Mr. Grocer's Collection of good Things" spread throughout Russia and the world.


Since its establishment, the number of new stores opened every year has been increasing. With the brand proposition of "Fine selection of global goods, creating an excellent and pleasant life", "Mr. Merchandise" has formed a family exacting department store system according to the daily consumption needs of department stores at home and abroad, thus penetrating into the consumer psychology of consumers of all ages. As a result, where Mr. Grocer stores open, there will be a boom in offline store consumption.

5No matter where the store is opened, what has always been unchanged is the building of brand strength and efficient supply chain of the store. With quality life as the core value of the brand, the store integrates creative products and fashion culture to create a new one-stop shopping center for life, so that consumers can not only buy commodities, but also enjoy the happy shopping experience in the rush life.


The entry of Mr. Lang's stores constantly brings a large number of shoppers to the major commercial real estate brands that have been strategically cooperating with each other. The combination of crowds and good goods constantly stimulates consumers' enthusiasm for consumption, so that Mr. Lang's entry and well-known commercial real estate brands achieve a win-win situation.

Tens of thousands of products, to meet the various shopping needs of consumers, break the traditional retail model, thousands of high-quality factories to select high-quality goods, reduce the intermediate circulation links, exclusively for Mr. Goods Lang stores, to ensure the quality of goods while ensuring affordable prices.


With the responsibility of "building a leading brand in the department store retail industry", "Mr. Shopman" has been growing and innovating. Growth "full of all the sweat of the family," innovation "is the brand of Mr. Lang born gene; To go to the world is our common vision. Mr. Grocer is willing to join hands with people of vision to develop a new future of department store retail.