2023· Mr. huolang spring and summer new products launch grand opening
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On the morning of February 28th, Mr. Grover sincerely invites hundreds of franchisees from all over the country to attend the "Spring and Summer New Products Conference" at his headquarters. Their arrival adds a lot of color to the conference.



In the spring and summer of 2023, in response to the diversified, personalized and high-quality needs of consumers, Mr. Grover will maintain the formation and keep up with the development pace of department store retailing to refresh the first-line terminal market again through strong supply chain integration ability, hundreds of product matrix and powerful popular style system.


First of all, Mr. Zhou Jianqiao, chairman of the company, made a speech to express our warm welcome to franchisees from all over the country, and let every customer feel the enthusiasm and sincerity of Mr. Freight, and announced that 2023 Mr. Freight spring and summer new products conference officially started!




Focusing on the construction and in-depth construction of supply chain and integrating the manufacturing source of global small commodities, Mr. Grover has always been providing consumers with highly cost-effective commodities and quality services as the "collection of living goods".

There are more than 1000 stores in 27 provinces and cities across the country, including more than 100 Shopping Mall chain stores, which continue to open 100 new chain stores every year, and has reached strategic cooperation with Wuyue Plaza, Wanda Plaza, Baolong Plaza and other well-known real estate brands, has opened the middle and high-end shopping mall market, and officially went to the world.




Sun Pan, Director of Franchise Operation Center, explained their operation service system to the on-site franchisees, provided comprehensive guidance and support for new franchisees, and also provided all kinds of business consulting and training for franchisees to help them better operate and manage the store. Franchise Operation Center always follows the operation service trilogy.

Lecture-training-company lecturer;

Do-practice-store manager;

Receiving-supervisor-operations supervision.



Li Yusen, the manager of the operation department of the brand operation center, told the franchisees here that after a good promotion program was introduced, the activity was half successful or zero.

Mr. Grocer will continue to provide 24 marketing programs for stores, 2 each month, covering all festival points, and provide reasonable and effective marketing programs for stores. Only by combining good marketing programs with efficient execution can the activities achieve the highest effect. Therefore, Manager Li provided 37 questions related to the implementation of activities for the stores, so that the stores could have methods and methods to better implement marketing activities and improve the store performance.






Zhou Chun, Director of supply chain Purchasing Center, introduced the latest products of our company. At the spring and summer new products release conference, the functions, characteristics and advantages of the products were introduced in detail, and the appearance and use effect of the products were shown. Franchisees have also shown great interest and praise for our new products. It is expected that there will be a lot of orders.

At the event, the product developers of Mr. Grocer were on hand to show off the details of the product's appearance, function and usage. Franchisees attending the launch will be able to experience the product and gain insight into its features and values.

The developers also explained the design concept and technical features of the product in detail, allowing franchisees to better understand the story behind the product and the development process.

In the next 2023 years, Mr. Grocer will continue to increase the promotion of new products, and constantly optimize our products and services. We believe that through our continuous efforts and innovation, our new products will achieve more outstanding results.





In 2023, Mr. Lang will join hands with more people with lofty ideals to achieve the common cause, the same pursuit, the same dream, the same original intention, hand in hand win-win!