• The birth of the brand


  • Comprehensive Park


  • Benchmarking company


  • Smart Storage


  • Going forward with one heart


  • Mr. Merchant originated from the "two yuan department store" model in 1998.

  • The first comprehensive department store supermarket opened. In the same year, the trademark "Mr. Huolang" was registered, and Mr. Huolang Trading Co., Ltd. was established.

    The company has gone to the whole country with the direct sales supermarket model of department store merchandise under the brand of "Mr.

  • Yiwu Mr. Huolang Trading Co., Ltd. was established, taking the image of Yiwu's traditional Mr. Huolang, and promoting the spirit of Yiwu Huolang.

  • Yiwu, Zhejiang, China has established a comprehensive park integrating office, exhibition, warehousing, supply chain management, and independent product research and development.

  • Won the "Top Ten Growth Benchmarking Enterprises in China's Retail Industry" selected by the China Chamber of Commerce

  • In March, it was awarded "AAA-level Enterprise in China's Department Store Commercial Credit Rating"

    In May, won the "Top Ten Commercial Brands in China in 2017"

    In November, won the "Top Ten Leading Brands of China's Business Innovation in 2017"

  • Mr. Hulang joins hands with Dingjie Software to open the intelligent warehousing ERP system

    In Huangzhai Industrial Zone, Pujiang County, next to the intersection of Yiwu Expressway, a 65,000m² modern intelligent comprehensive park will be built

  • Chairman Zhou Jianqiao won the title of Outstanding Business Entrepreneur (Golden Eagle Award) in 2020

    The brand-new smart warehousing self-configured by Mr. Merchant's headquarters was officially launched, and the warehouse and distribution were seamlessly connected, which greatly improved the overall timeliness.

  • Select the best products from all over the world to create a pleasant life

    Created Mr. Merchant's influence in China's department store retail industry