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  • Regional Manager (Chain Department Store Retailing) Regional Manager (Chain Department Store Retailing) 1 Zhejiang Pujiang Yellow House 2022-01-01 Apply Apply


    1. Responsible for the performance of stores in the subordinate area;

    2. Implement the policies and task requirements of the company headquarters to ensure that the store is implemented in place;

    3. Guidance and supervision of on-site operation of stores to improve the level of on-site operations;

    4. Cultivation of store managers and store assistants;

    5. Discover and analyze the problems existing in the operation of the store, propose (collaborative) solutions, and be responsible for the implementation;

    6. Coordinate the work with data, design, planning, and commodity departments.


    1. Have regional management experience in the department store retail chain industry, or experience in the operation and management of a large chain department store retail industry;

    2. Have rich experience and ideas in the operation of department store retail stores;

    3. Good at cultivating store manager talents, good at leading the team;

    4. Try out the working environment for long-term business trips.

    Contact number: 18367970344

  • Copywriting Copywriting 1 Zhejiang Pujiang Yellow House 2022-01-01 Apply Apply

    1. Carry out relevant copywriting planning according to the central task or key project of the company's investment promotion work;

    2. Participate in the construction and development of the company, and put forward reasonable suggestions for the company's planning and publicity;

    3. Responsible for the collection, sorting and analysis of data, and the writing of preliminary market research and analysis reports;

    4. Editing, copywriting, company investment promotion activities and editorial editing

    Contact number: 18367970344

  • Foreign trade clerk Foreign trade clerk 3 Zhejiang Pujiang Yellow House 2022-01-01 Apply Apply

    1. Develop overseas customers by telephone, exhibition, mail, etc.;

    2. Experience in foreign trade business is preferred;

    3. Communication with overseas friends in spoken English is barrier-free;

    4. College degree or above.

    Contact number: 18367970344

  • Shop supervision Shop supervision 10 Zhejiang Pujiang Yellow House 2022-01-01 Apply Apply

    College degree

    1. Have certain working experience in department store display

    2. Strong executive power, proactive and teamwork;

    3. Have a good working attitude, have a strong sense of service and responsibility, and have strong teamwork;

    4. Have good language, communication and expression skills, planning and execution skills

    5. Have certain on-site management skills and team management skills

    6. Can adapt to frequent business trips

    Promotion channel: Supervision → Regional Supervision → Regional Manager → Regional Director → General Manager of the Business Unit.

    Tel: 1836797034

  • Purchasing / Buyer Purchasing / Buyer 1 Zhejiang Pujiang Yellow House 2022-01-01 Apply Apply

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Develop high-quality product suppliers and new products;

    2. Investigate market demand and market competition;

    3. Lead a small category team and be responsible for category performance.


    1. Have rich experience in supplier and product development;

    2. Have a certain market acumen and develop products that are more in line with market demand;

    3. Have strong communication and negotiation skills, and obtain good cooperative relations with suppliers;

    4. Have certain concepts and logical thinking about product familiarity and analysis, and be able to respond to business management from the perspective of data;

    5. It is better to have sales experience on the above products.

    Contact number: 18367970344

  • Store manager Store manager 3 Zhejiang Pujiang Yellow House 2022-01-01 Apply Apply

    Job Responsibilities

    1. Responsible for store and regional sales

    2. Responsible for store inspection, daily maintenance, emergency handling

    3. Implement company and store rules and regulations, and manage employees


    1. Have leadership skills, and those who have served as store managers are preferred

    2. Flexible mind, strong adaptability, have certain coordination ability

    3. Able to work under certain pressure

    Contact number: 18367970344