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Recruitment of provincial and municipal level agents in China

Policy Support
  • Rich product structure

    Mr. Hulang has formed a strategic alliance with more than 5,000 factories with obvious cost-effectiveness advantages to ensure the competitiveness of commodities through large-scale procurement, and supply more than 35,000 kinds of Yiwu hot-selling small commodities at ex-factory prices.
  • A good after-sales service

    After more than 20 years of development, Mr. Hulang has established a complete service system, from the early store location selection, personnel training, price setting, opening planning, to post-marketing and other full tracking services.
  • Strong brand effect

    As of January 2022, Mr. Huolang has more than 800 stores across the country, covering all streets and alleys across the country, establishing a brand image of "cheap, convenient, high-quality, and complete" in the minds of consumers.
  • Excellent management team

    The management team determines the lifeline of the company's development. After more than 20 years of development, Mr. Merchant has established an efficient, professional and stable team including procurement, logistics, and operations.
  • Featured own brand

    Mr. Hulang has his own factory and own brands such as Juhui Aijia, Hulang Fashion, etc., focusing on the production of bamboo and wood, hardware, daily necessities, accessories, special series.
  • Precise planning and promotion

    Mr. Merchant fully supports the promotion of the franchise stores and supermarkets, including image promotion, opening planning, promotion planning, and in-store atmosphere design.
  • Reasonable market positioning

    Mr. Hulang's products closely follow the market demand, assemble products and set prices according to the consumption level of each store and the main consumer groups, so that each store can become a leisure shopping center for consumers.
  • Mature business philosophy

    After more than 20 years of development, Mr. Hulang has formed a set of complete and mature business philosophy, allowing franchisees to quickly integrate into the department store industry. At the same time, the company and the market are synchronized, and the management is in line with the world.
Investment Advantage
  • Branded advantages

    More than 800 franchise stores are located in the core areas of first-tier business circles across the country! The reputation and consumer loyalty in the chain department store industry are increasing day by day!
  • Product advantages

    Senior designer team and mature buyer team, keep up with fashion trends, more than 35,000 fashion products, more than 300 new products are launched every month, 12 major series, perfect matching, hot sale in four seasons!
  • Supply Chain Advantage

    Direct supply from 5,000 high-quality factories across the country, reducing intermediate links, stable supply, controllable quality, large-scale procurement, reducing costs, protecting the interests of partners, and achieving a win-win situation!
  • Business School Advantages

    Experienced industry lecturer, store operation gold medalist, "Sales System" President's Edition training, 12-phase team incubation training, customized store "one-to-one" landing service.
  • Service advantage

    7/24 all-weather professional customer service, gold-medal supervision team for in-store service, and a rigorous service system. I wish you worry-free operation and doubled performance!
Joining Conditions
  • Basic conditions
  • Operational Requirements
  • Join process

What are the basic conditions for joining Mr. Merchant?

Recognize the brand of Mr. Merchant and have entrepreneurial dreams

Have a certain amount of start-up capital

Commercial districts, shopping centers, commercial pedestrian streets, subways, colleges and other areas where people are relatively concentrated

The population of the city where the business is located shall not be less than 250,000

The area of the store is not less than 200 square meters, and the width of the square and the height of the rack should meet the relevant standards.

What are the operational requirements of Mr. Merchant?

1. The specialty store is operated independently, and the products operated in the store can only be products of Mr.

2. The store is operated legally, with the tenet of integrity first and service first

3. Must have a certain awareness of brand management, and conduct legal business in accordance with the contract

How to join Mr. Merchant?

Preliminary negotiation intention - application company selection - market inspection storefront - determination of intention - company evaluation - signing contract - preparation of storefront construction - store operation - guiding business development

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